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Images of Angkor

December 3, 2012


While watching an old episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations last night, I was reminded of what a special place Cambodia is. I’ve been twice and wouldn’t hesitate to visit for a third time. I’ve even managed to convince my parents to take an extended trip to South East Asia and they’ll be visiting Cambodia […]

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A Tropical Island Escape in Thailand

November 14, 2012


The days are getting shorter, it’s getting a whole lot colder and I MISS THE SUN! And the warmth. And not having to put on layers of clothing  before leaving the house. Oh, and I miss not wearing socks. I hate wearing socks and have trouble finding a pair that actually match. It’s the time […]

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The Best Places to be a Beach Bum This Winter

October 11, 2012


For many people, especially Canadians, the arrival of fall means that it’s time to start planning a warm, tropical vacation. I hate the cold, so one of the first things I start thinking about come October is what hot destination I can get to next. I’m a beach loving girl, through and through. If you’re […]

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In the Land of Pagodas

February 12, 2012


In the “land of pagodas,” monks clad in vibrant saffron coloured robes are a common sight and devout Buddhists account for the vast majority of the population. Burma is home to tens of thousands of pagodas.  From the simplest structures, to the extremely elaborate, they are often the focal point of a city or town. […]

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Here Kitty Kitty

February 2, 2012


Last night, I watched a video on YouTube that took my breath away. In it, a man on a gorilla watching tour in Uganda has a group of wild gorillas crowd around and literally start petting him. All you can do is watch this video and say ‘wow’ as the man is surrounded by these […]

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Ethel Blah Blah, the Burmese Blabbermouth

January 22, 2012


She cursed like a sailor, chain smoked cigars and loved to sing Elvis songs (there are a few videos of her singing Wooden Heart on YouTube) – Ethel was definitely not your typical tour guide.  We found Ethel on a busy street corner in Burma, or should I say, she found us! As soon as […]

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The Faces of Burma

December 18, 2011


Only a few short years ago, if you told someone you were planning on visiting the South East Asian country of Burma (also known as Myanmar), you’d likely be met with a raised eyebrow and a look that said ‘are you crazy?!’ Things are quickly changing though, as Burma is turning into an off the beaten path […]

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Images of Yunnan

August 22, 2011


Despite the general difficulties I faced travelling throughout China’s Yunnan province, it is still one of the most picturesque places I’ve visited during my travels. During my week spent travelling around the region, my travel buddy and I probably talked to a total of five other people (I kid you not – communication was very difficult and my Mandarin non-existent). […]

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