Playing Princess in Portugal

November 16, 2012

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Sintra is a place that fairy tales are made of. Literally.

This small town is full of castles and palaces. It’s easy to picture princesses once summering here. One of the palaces in Sintra used to be a summer home for royalty.

The picturesque town of Sintra

Only a short train ride from Lisbon, it takes under an hour to get here from the city and makes for a easy day trip. There are a number of beautiful castles and palaces to visit that will take you back in time. The hard part is deciding what to see! From the main town of Sintra, which is a short walk from the train station, it’s easy to explore the sites that interest you. The area is well connected by buses, which will drop you off at the various destinations.

The Moorish Castle

We first set out to explore the Moorish Castle. Built during the 8th century, the sense of history you feel here is incredible. The site has been well maintained and you’re able to walk around and see a great deal of the area.

The Portuguese Flag

If you’re visiting the Moorish Castle, I’d definitely recommend comfortable clothes and good walking shoes. It’s hilly and there are plenty of uneven stone steps. The dress I was wearing (however cute it was), impractical shoes, and big purse made things slightly uncomfortable. It was a very hot day and the sweat dripping down my back made me feel like anything but a princess!

Moorish Castle in the middle of the forest

My favourite place in Sintra was without a doubt, the Palace of Pena. Painted in bright candy colours with numerous turrets, there’s something quite whimsical about it. The palace is surrounded by Pena Park, home to lush vegetation.

A magical place

The odd yet charming Palace of Pena

One of the best ways to see the castles is through a combined ticket which will give you access to various sites. For access to the Palace of Pena and the Moorish Castle it costs 14 euros. However, there are other tickets options if you’re interested in some of the different sites. There are so many unique places you can visit here, the hardest part is deciding what to see! Sintra is one of the best day trips you can take out of Lisbon and it’s a destination you simply don’t want to miss.

Brightly coloured castle

This scary creature was guarding the castle entrance

View from the palace

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2 Comments on “Playing Princess in Portugal”

  1. restlessjo Says:

    What’s not to love! We rather foolishly walked all the way up, but I was gobsmacked when we got there. Beautiful photos again. Love the angle on the doorway.


    • AdventuressAbroad Says:

      Thank you Jo! I really appreciate all of your comments. I’d love to go back to Sintra to see some of the other sites. It’s amazing how many incredible palaces and castles there are in one area.


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