A Tropical Island Escape in Thailand

November 14, 2012

Asia, Destinations

The days are getting shorter, it’s getting a whole lot colder and I MISS THE SUN! And the warmth. And not having to put on layers of clothing  before leaving the house.

Oh, and I miss not wearing socks. I hate wearing socks and have trouble finding a pair that actually match. It’s the time of year where the blahs start to set in. I’m not actually complaining because I couldn’t ask to live in a better country. I’m just taking a moment to express my extreme disdain for winter.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I’m thinking about warm weather destinations I’d like to escape to for a week. I’d love to go back to my favourite beach in Thailand, unfortunately it’s just a bit too far.

My favourite beach

A few years ago, I discovered a largely untouched piece of tropical paradise on Koh Phangan, thanks to an Aussie mate. It’s not the easiest beach to get to, since no roads lead here. It’s either a short boat ride or an hour’s hike through the jungle to get to town. You’d never know that it’s only one beach over from the site of the infamous full moon party because it feels as though you’re a world away. If you’re looking for complete relaxation, away from the masses, there’s no better spot.

Trekking through the jungle to get to town

Days here were spent lounging on the largely empty beach with new-found friends, swimming in the ocean and eating some of the best food I’ve ever tasted. I could have lived on the fresh fruit shakes and seafood pad thai I had here. Home for the week was a small hut built into the cliff. It had nothing more than a bed, fan and basic bathroom (a bucket of water was used to flush the toilet). And it was one of the best places I’ve ever stayed! Getting a group together and hiring a boat to take you to nearby beaches made for the perfect day trip.

A nearby deserted beach

What started as a two day stay, quickly turned into eight. If we hadn’t left when we did, chances are we would have spent months here. A small group of westerners seemed to have made this spot their permanent home. If I had longer, I’d love to head back here over the holidays, although sometimes you simply can’t recreate a perfect moment in time.

Taken on our hike into town

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2 Comments on “A Tropical Island Escape in Thailand”

  1. restlessjo Says:

    Me too. Trying not to whinge about it but wishing for a tropical paradise. This one would most certainly do.


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