Sweet Treats and Other Flavours of Lisbon

Espresso, fresh pastries, wine… These are some of the first things that come to mind when I look back at my time in Portugal. Food and drink are such an important part of life here and I think that’s why I felt so at home in Lisbon. It seemed appropriate to sit and drink a glass of Port as I wrote this!

One of many espresso stops

Food here is meant to be savoured. It’s an opportunity to chat and spend time with friends and family. I loved the numerous stops for hot, flavourful espresso throughout the day. The fresh, flaky pastries and tarts. The delicious Portuguese wine, drunk first with lunch and then again with dinner (maybe this was because I was on holidays, but when in Portugal!).

Custard tarts, my daily treat

For any foodies out there visiting Lisbon, the Gourmet Walk with Inside Lisbon is a great chance to experience the flavours of the city. I learned so much during the tour and it was the perfect opportunity to try a number of unique Portuguese dishes.

A cod shop, one of the staples in Portuguese cuisine

I loved stopping at the tiny, local shops in Lisbon to try a bite of this and a sip of that, whether it was cod cakes (surprisingly delicious) or Ginja. A stop at A Ginjinha is a must for anyone. This tiny bar (standing room only!) sells one thing, Ginja, which is a cherry brandy.

The original Ginja Bar

At only 25 € this tour is a steal and allows you to sample so many different things. Our guide Paulo spoke perfect English and made the evening a lot of fun. The tour wraps up with a family style meal, the perfect way to start the night!

Presunto, a dry-cured ham

If you have the chance, the famed Pasteis de Belem is a spot that’s not to be missed. Found in the suburb of Belem, only a short train ride from Lisbon, this bakery was opened by monks in 1837. The same secret recipe for Pasteis de Belem, a truly mouth-watering, oh-so-delicious tart, is still being used to this day. There are plenty of other sites to see in Belem, so an afternoon here will be well spent!

The Famed Pastis de Belem

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5 Comments on “Sweet Treats and Other Flavours of Lisbon”

  1. twoblackdoggies Says:

    Custard tarts…delish!


  2. roamingtheworld Says:

    I wish I knew about the food tour when I was in Lisbon both in January and June this past year…


  3. Backpack ME (@piggybackrideAZ) Says:

    I’m from Portugal itself and I wouldn’t mind joining this tour!!..
    You are SO right! Food is truly important for Portuguese people! 🙂


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