What Do You Get When You Cross a Bunny and a Squirrel?

June 27, 2012

Destinations, South America

What happens when you cross a bunny and a squirrel? You get this guy!

I loved the alpacas of Peru, but still felt this strange looking critter spotted on
Suasi Island was worth sharing.

Now what is he exactly? Is this the off-spring of a bunny and a squirrel? Is it even possible for them to mate?! I’m sure these questions are running through your head right now.

In the case that this was a bunny-squirrel cross, we could give it some great names. It could be called a buirrel, a squnny, a ruirrel or ever a squibbit…

However, this odd creature is actually know as a Viscacha. Mystery solved.

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2 Comments on “What Do You Get When You Cross a Bunny and a Squirrel?”

  1. Waegook Tom Says:

    A viscacha? Never heard of it before! I thought it looked like a chinchilla from the photo. Either way, it looks lovely and cuddly and I want about a dozen of them to snuggle with.


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