An Ode to Awesome

In just under a month, I’ll be heading to South America (Peru) for the very first time. YA!  I booked this trip back in December (which is a long time in advance for me!) and as each day goes by I get a little bit more excited. Bring on the llamas, guinea pigs, pisco sours and Machu Picchu!

I spent the last three months taking Spanish lessons, although I’m not so sure if I’ll actually be able to string a sentence together. Out of the four of us going, we’ll make up one semi-literate adult and a very young child.

One of my favourite parts of travel is the anticipation and excitement of planning my next trip. This got me thinking about an article I’d read recently called The end of Awesome (for now).  For anyone that hasn’t seen it, the blog  1000 Awesome Things, is nothing short of awesome. The blog’s author spent the last four years writing about one awesome thing each day. After reading the article, I thought I’d put together my own travel-related list of awesome.

An unexpected shot in Vang Vieng, Laos

  1. The anticipation of your next trip. I love the feeling of daydreaming about my next destination or adventure. Planning is often half the fun (well not quite, but you know what I mean). It is nothing short of awesome.
  2. The satisfaction of having been on an unforgettable trip. I’ve been on some truly amazing trips and one or two pretty awful trips. There’s nothing like coming home from a fantastic trip (well, other than being on it), looking through your photos dozens of times and thinking ‘wow, I can’t believe I was there, that was awesome!’  or rehashing every last detail.

    Relaxing at a waterfall during our jungle trek in Chiang Mai

  3. Falling into bed exhausted at the end of a full day of awesome adventure.
  4. Making new friends along the way that I often have more in common with than some I’ve known for years. A few of these people have even made their way to Toronto over the last couple of years. It’s awesome knowing I have couches to crash on around the world.

    I met Shawn on a boat in Turkey. We’ve since seen each other in Australia, Thailand and Canada.

  5. Waking up after a night in a really crappy hotel or hostel and thinking ‘I survived the night and can’t wait to get the hell out of here.’ (Think flea infested hotel in China, complete with a squatter toilet). If nothing more, it makes for an awesome story later on. The same goes for getting off of a 12 – 14 hour hellish bus ride.

    Worst bathroom ever – the shower was over the toilet and the smell of garbage from outside was overpowering (taken in Yuanyang, China)

  6. Staying in a beautiful place (with a clean, comfortable, awesome bed) after having stayed at some less than desirable accommodation.

    The Golden Banana (Siem Reap, Cambodia) – one of my favourite places I stayed in Asia

  7. All the awesome food you get to try. I’ve stumbled upon so many time hole-in-the-wall type places that serve mouth-watering, delicious meals. I ate my way throughout Asia until my clothes no longer fit. Despite the weight gain, it was still pretty awesome.

    Custard tarts in Lisbon, or why I gain weight when travelling

  8. Meeting locals who take you under their wing. Whether it’s for a couple hours, a couple days or a couple months, it can totally change your perspective and enhance your awesome experience.
  9. Stumbling on a completely unexpected, awesome destination and not wanting to leave!

    My favourite place in Thailand

  10. The beginning of journey. I love the start of each trip and the excitement of arriving at the airport. Even on those trips that start off a bit rocky (I’ve had visa issues on more than one occasion), I love sinking into my seat and thinking ‘awesome, I’m ready to go!’
  11. Since I couldn’t end the list at 10…The moment when a group from around the world magically comes together and everything just fits. This is nothing short of awesome.
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