A Walk on the Slippery Side

I’m not usually one for cold weather activities – in fact I hate the winter. Usually, I prefer to spend the chilly days in cozy sweatpants, on the couch with a movie. Although, maybe I’ll change my tune one day soon. Yesterday, I spent the day bundled up in layers of clothing on the ice learning how to curl (probably the most stereotypical Canadian sport there is). Our team name was Freezing Our Rocks Off – and let me tell you it was fitting. Freeze my rocks off I did, but I enjoyed every minute of it! Besides  a few wipe outs, I wasn’t too bad for a first timer. Plus, the beer certainly helped my game.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photos.

This got me thinking back to other cold weather activities I’ve done and enjoyed.  Believe it or not, there have actually been a few. One of my very favourites had to be glacier climbing on New Zealand’s South Island.

Franz Josef Glacier

The Franz Josef Glacier is breathtaking and the perfect spot for this chilly activity. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to explore this natural wonder first-hand, with an amazing group of people. This is one of my favourite travel moments from New Zealand.

Our group pre-climb

I did a half-day climb, which was the perfect amount of time for this activity. For the really adventurous, or simply those on a bigger budget, you can take a helicopter to the top of the glacier and hike down. Since I would be going skydiving the next morning  (which had a hefty price tag), I opted for the half day excursion. With a full roster of adrenalin filled activities, there definitely isn’t a shortage of things to do here.

Mid-climb – the scenery took my breath away!

Starting our descent

I loved squeezing my way through the narrow paths and hearing the sound of the snow crunching under my feet. I was in New Zealand in late April and let me tell you, it was pretty chilly (so cold, I slept in my jacket one night)! This is one country where you forget about the temperature because everywhere you look there’s another jaw-dropping sight.

Hello up there!

What a view

Have you been to New Zealand? Did you try any of their adventure activities?

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2 Comments on “A Walk on the Slippery Side”

  1. lindsontheroad Says:

    Looks awesome! It’s one of the many things I want to do when I go to NZ. Great post, LT!


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