The Anti-Bucket List

January 18, 2012

Adventures and Misadventures

I don’t particularly like the term ‘bucket list,’ maybe because it comes from the term ‘kick the bucket.’ When I Googled bucket list the most common definition of a bucket list is obviously a list of things to do before you die. The strangest definition I found was a list of ugly or undesirable females (thank you Urban Dictionary).

The journey is half the fun!

Instead of creating a bucket list, I’ve put together a random list of cool things (places to go, people to see, things to do) that I’d like to accomplish over time. There’s no particular timeline associated with it – just some of my future travel ideas, which I hope to turn into a reality at some point (this list will expand over time). Without further ado, here is my anti-bucket list or 21 cool things I’d really like to do.

1. Go on a Safari in Africa and see a giraffe in the wild (I love giraffes – they are one of my favourite animals).

2. Scuba dive with whale sharks somewhere hot and exotic (Asia maybe?). Apparently whale sharks are the size of a school bus, or so I’ve heard. I think it’d be pretty amazing to get up close to a creature that big (unless I start to panic and spit out my regulator). I’ve already been swimming with wild dolphins (Kaikoura, NZ), so whale sharks seem like the logical next step.

Dolphins next to our boat in Kaikoura, NZ

3. Take a cooking course in Italy. I’d have to go on a serious diet before heading to Italy. I once gained 10 pounds in three weeks in Croatia from eating gelato two to three times a day (my pants didn’t fit when I came home – true story). The same would be bound to happen in Italy, because I love pizza.  And pasta.  And gelato.  And wine.

4. Go back to Burma before everyone else discovers what an amazing place it is, so that I can see everything I didn’t see last time (which is more or less the majority of the country since I didn’t leave Rangoon).

The Shwedagon Pagoda, one of Burma’s most holy sites

5. Visit some of the other Asian countries I haven’t yet made it to –  Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia.

6. Take part in the Rickshaw Run in India (a rickshaw looks like one of the most dangerous methods of transportation ever – I never said this would be a list of safe activities).

7. Go to Oktoberfest with my German and Austrian friends. I think I could pull of lederhosen pretty well!

In Northern Thailand with my Austrian buddies (plus a few others)

8. See the Silverback Gorillas in Uganda.

9. Visit the ancient churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia.

10. Volunteer somewhere overseas (I don’t know what or where I’d like to do this, but I’ll figure that part out later – that’s just a minor detail).

11. Go to the Holi Festival in India. I think throwing coloured powder at people could be a lot of fun.

12. Take part in the Toronto City Chase – a giant scavenger hunt in downtown Toronto. The good thing about this one is that I don’t even need to leave the city, meaning it may be one of the few things on here I actually accomplish this year.

13. Learn some basic Spanish. I’m currently taking Spanish lessons in the hopes of not sounding completely clueless when I make my first trip to South America in May.

14. Visit Machu Picchu in Peru (this is happening in the spring!). Maybe I’ll eat a guinea pig while I’m there. When in Peru – do as the Peruvians do.

15. Have my photo taken with a llama or an Alpaca in Peru (I’ll settle for either – I’m not picky).

Next up – llamas!

16. Visit my Austrian friends in Austria (hopefully this will also happen in 2012). They’ve been here to see me, so I think it’s my turn to go to Vienna.

17.  See the pyramids in Egypt. Unfortunately, I’ve heard they’re a bit of a letdown, but I figure I need to decide this for myself. I still can’t believe I didn’t go when I went to Israel and Jordan a few years ago – I was right next door!

18. Drink with some old Irish men at a pub in a small town somewhere in Ireland.

19. Work abroad somewhere – maybe Australia? I already studied here and loved it, so it seems like an obvious choice.

I lived in Australia once and could definitely do it again!

20. Live on a beach.  I mean really, who wouldn’t want to live on a beach? (this question is not meant for all you ski bums out there)

21. Revisit some of my favourite places including Turkey, Portugal, Thailand.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Can you think of any must-see destinations I should be adding to my list?

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16 Comments on “The Anti-Bucket List”

  1. the lazy travelers Says:

    love your list! we are definitely guilty of throwing the term “bucket list” around, but totally see where you’re coming from 🙂


  2. Top Knotch Gear Says:

    Love the list! And I like your idea of making it an “anti” bucket list – very creative!


  3. phillegitimate Says:

    Nice anti-list! There are already plenty of clever bucket lists (and a lot more really unclever ones) out there; putting a new spin on it is a great idea. Especially like the no-timeline approach. Looking forward to writing more, and thanks for reading my stuff too..


    • AdventuressAbroad Says:

      Hi Phil! Thanks for reading – I appreciate the comment. Thought I’d go for something different, since as you said, there are plenty of bucket lists out there. Less pressure with no timelines either. Looking forward to your next blog post!


  4. artstylelove Says:

    Yay for cooking classes! That was one of my new years resolutions to take a class in every country I visit. So far it’s been awesome, and much, MUCH cheaper than taking it at home!


    • AdventuressAbroad Says:

      Thanks for the comment! What a great idea for a New Year’s resolution. Cooking courses always seem to be much more fun when you take them abroad (and a whole lot cheaper like you said). I’ve done them in Thailand and Vietnam so far and loved both of them.


  5. Annette | Bucket List Journey Says:

    Kicking myself for not taking a cooking class the last time I was in Italy. Love artstylelove’s idea about taking a cooking class in every country. I might have to steal that one 🙂


  6. Raf Kiss Says:

    Need some places to add to the list? check out the “cool places in Brazil” section on my blog “Brazil Road Trips”



  7. lindsaygoes Says:

    Fantastic list. Given me some inspiration for things that would be nice to do in the future!


  8. Elle Says:

    I throw the term bucket list around but that’s just because I don’t know what else to call it at this point haha Mine’s kinda like a “Wouldn’t it be awesome if….” kinda list


    • AdventuressAbroad Says:

      Thanks for the comment Elle! I enjoy following your blog. Love the concept of ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome if’ – I think mine is kind of similar, just opted for a different name 🙂


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