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August 22, 2011

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Despite the general difficulties I faced travelling throughout China’s Yunnan province, it is still one of the most picturesque places I’ve visited during my travels.

During my week spent travelling around the region, my travel buddy and I probably talked to a total of five other people (I kid you not – communication was very difficult and my Mandarin non-existent). There is little to no English spoken here – it literally took two hours to buy a bus ticket one day.  That being said, it gave me plenty of time to focus on taking pictures!

These are some of my favourites from a week in Yunnan.

The Three Pagodas

On the bus from Kunming to Dali, we were lucky enough to meet a gentleman who wanted to practice his English. He happened to be meeting his wife and son at the Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple and kindly offered to show us around. Unfortunately, I had a hard time understanding the majority of what he was telling me. None the less, it was a great chance to see this part of Dali’s history, which dates back about 1,800 years.

Early morning in Lijiang

If you want to get any decent photos in the ancient city of Lijiang, all I can say is wake up EARLY! We were out exploring at six a.m. because by the time nine a.m. rolls around the streets are jam packed. And by jam packed I mean you have to elbow your way through the crowds. The city is full of Chinese tourists who have come here on vacation from all over the country – it almost felt like the Disneyland of China. The Old Town of Lijiang is over 800 years old and is a UNESCO world heritage site – despite the crowds it is well worth a visit. Lit up at night by lanterns, the bridges and waterways throughout the city are a site to behold.

Lijiang by night

For many people who visit the Yunnan province, a stop in the small town of Yuanyang is a highlight. Sunrise and sunset present some amazing photo opportunities – for most people who stop here. Unfortunately, it poured for the majority of the time I was here and there isn’t a whole lot to do here besdes take photos!

Rice terraces

Crossing the border from China into Vietnam is an adventure all on its own. This is just one shot of the chaos.

Border crossing chaos

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