Even More Rocks at China’s Stone Forest

June 29, 2011

Asia, Destinations

The Stone Forest

I thought I’d stick with the rock theme of my last post and put a little something up about some rocks I’d seen in China. The Stone Forest (Shilin) is found in China’s Yunnan province, not far from the provincial capital of Kunming.

Getting here was a challenge all on its own!  We’d attempted to visit a few days prior to our trip, but spent about two hours trying to buy a bus ticket before giving up. There is minimal English spoken in this part of China, so patience and a good guide book are necessary.

It was well worth the journey to see these very unique rock formations.  We went on a guided tour which is necessary, as English is spoken by so few people. The rocks resemble a certain part of the male anatomy, which I’m sure you can figure out by simply looking at the photo.  Hours can easily be spent wandering through the Stone Forrest, a 350 km area consisting of limestone karsts.

A few months back, the forest made an appearance on the Amazing Race – my all time favourite show.  Unfortunately, they didn’t do it justice and it is much more of a site to behold in person!

More Rocks!

We joined the hordes of Chinese tourists here on summer vacation who descend on the famed site. Be prepared to pose in many family photos while you’re exploring the region. You’ll be asked to take shots with husbands, wives, children, you name it. I appeared in many pictures during my short time here. I felt like a quasi-celebrity!

The bus ride back to Kunming was slightly traumatizing. Our bus driver sped along the highway having a full-on conversation with the driver of the truck next to him. Even with the heart stopping bus ride, my trip to the Stone Forest was well worth it!

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