Fraser Island – the World’s Best Campsite

I can honestly say, camping is not typically high on my list of things to do. Or on it at all for that matter… ‘Roughing it’ isn’t really my thing. Bugs? Tents? No running water? Noooo thank you!

But, I simply could not pass up an opportunity to go camping on Fraser Island. On the east coast of Australia, Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island (and a UNESCO World Heritage site) and it remains a highlight of my time in Oz.

Miles of beautiful beach

Typically, I would never choose to spend a holiday camping. That being said, if I am somewhere incredible I will definitely give it a shot, as I’d hate to miss out on an amazing experience.

How can you turn down the opportunity to camp somewhere this beautiful?!

Take me back!

Despite my general  indifference towards camping, my friend and I joined a group of six strangers from around the world for three days of outdoor adventure. We set off in our 4 x 4, with our tents, coolers full of food and plenty of booze.

Now that’s a scenic drive!

One thing to keep in mind, is the tides – if there is any damage done to the vehicles, it becomes a very expensive trip!

Over three days we explored the island from one end to another and I could easily return. From swimming in the aquamarine Lake McKenzie, walking miles of beautiful beaches to singing songs around the campfire, I enjoyed every minute of my Australian camping experience.

Lake McKenzie

The water around the island is apparently full of sharks, so besides a swim in Lake McKenzie, I didn’t venture in past my ankles. There were no shark sightings, but we did see quite a few dingos lurking around the camp sites! These wild dogs seemed to be quite used to people and are often sniffing around for food. I was convinced one was trying to get into our tent and scared myself silly.

Shipwreck on Fraser Island

Fraser Island’s famous shipwreck (1935)

Let’s be realistic, camping is still not one of my favourite things to do, but this is a magical place. I’d head back to Fraser Island in a heart beat!

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One Comment on “Fraser Island – the World’s Best Campsite”

  1. Claire Says:

    Tell me about it, we caused quite extensive damage to our car and was out of pocket $2000 was worth it though, Fraser is amazing!


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